Cave São Miguel

Cave São Miguel. Success in and outside Brazil!


About Cave São Miguel

Cave São Miguel is an updated and active company placed in Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul, one of the most prosperous regions of Brazil concerning grapes growing and their derivatives manufacturing. Its main activity field is vinegar, natural juice without sugar and gasified without alcohol, with an estimated production in 2 million litters a year. São Miguel Storage is concerned about environment preservation through continuous improvement of productive processes, as well as it is recognized all over Brazil about its brands tradition and products quality.

The same success which is visible about vinegar made by São Miguel Storage in Brazil is also seen abroad, making this product exportation to a lot of countries.

In order to offer high quality products to its customers, São Miguel Storage was given the certification for the industrialization of organic products (ECOCERT). Aiming to expand even more its products line, the company is launching Rossoni Orange Vinegar, Rossoni Organic Apple Vinegar, among others, always thinking about its customers’ satisfaction.