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Vinegar x Dengue

Vinegar x Dengue

Studies claim the acetic acid, vinegar substance (used in all Brazilian cooking), eliminates the mosquitoes larva aedes aegypti, dengue transmitter. The adding of 5 ml of vinegar (a dessert spoon) to each 100 ml of stuck water is enough to combat the sickness transmitter mosquito.

The technique has been efficient in Piracicaba administration center. This idea came up after the results of a research publishing done by the agriculturist engineer Reinaldo José Rodella, who highlights: “If all Brazilians were oriented to use vinegar, a common product without any contraindication, dengue, sickness which is risky to become an epidemic in Brazil all rainy periods, would be eliminated” Dr. D. C. Jarvis.

Dr. D.C. Jarvis used to observe people involved to earth in countryside in the North-American state of Vermont. There he found out the people made their own medicine and nature was the first pharmacy. In his book of popular medicine “Take health and do not leave it anymore”, he mentions agriculture men used successfully nature teaching in order to have a good health conservation.

Apple Vinegar and honey develop a very important role in that people’s life that longevity gave them the characteristic of second state in population superior than 65 years old in The United States.

Observation: The tips and recipes are not medical prescriptions but simple information about the popular use of Apple Vinegar.

Previous having a treatment with Apple Vinegar talk to your doctor, in special if you have chronic sicknesses or if you are having chemic medicines.